With a degree in Finance & Accounting from University of MS, I started my career in the private business world of Finance. Throughout the first 12 years, I negotiated and managed supply chain solutions, procurement, contracts for banks, commerical leases, real estate purchases and marketing agreements. After 20 years of serving roles as VP of Finance and later VP of Supply Chain for two different companies, both my children had graduated high school and moved on to college. So, I made a career decision to what I loved most in my wheelhouse of experience...professional Real Estate. Negoitating real estate contracts and working with the public in my historical jobs made it a natural step for me to combine my finance and marketing experience and focus on my own business. In May of 2016, I obtained my MS realtor designation and license. In the first 12 months, I sold over $1.7 million in residential properties. I feel that my background in professional negotiations and business finance empowers me to provide my clients the confidence that I will make the best decisions about their largest financial transactions. I have been blessed with referrals from friends, family, previous clients and business associates. I consider it an honor to hold the responsibility and title of Realtor.

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